What is token reference data?

Token reference data refers to information about a particular token asset unrelated to market pricing or trading data. This information helps individuals and organizations uniquely identify tokens, and map the details surrounding those tokens / token projects. Shared reference data will enable the token ecosystem to evolve into a more mature financial landscape by bringing clarity and confidence to the decisions that enable investments, reporting, analysis, and other critical activities.

What is the purpose of this application?

This application intends to crowdsource the authoring and editing of token reference data, using the community to constantly review (validate) and update the dataset. Using blockchain technology TruSet enables the dataset to be tracked and referenced using smart contract addresses for the assets and information – to eliminate confusion and mistakes. The application is currently in the Beta phase where TruSet can fully test the model of collective community authoring and reviewing, and the quality and completeness of the resulting datasets.

Who is the audience for this project?

Target Beta participants are those who have an interest in improving data quality for the web3 ecosystem and a willingness to research projects for potential ETH rewards. The initial competition will be focused on reviewing data – participants will research data proposals and vote on the accuracy in order to earn rewards. Other audiences are those who have a need for high-quality reference data surrounding token projects for activities such as reporting, researching/analyzing, managing assets, providing market data etc.

Where do I find information about token projects?

There are many different resources for checking the accuracy of data when reviewing or for authoring data proposals. TruSet will remain agnostic to the methods used to review and author data to ensure an unbiased dataset. We believe that with other community members independently doing the same thing, we can jointly produce a high quality data set. If TruSet guides the community to look for data from a certain source, the resulting data set would be biased towards that source.

Why do I need to install Metamask to participate?

Metamask is a digital wallet that enables users to have an identity on our application and pay for transactions that are necessary for writing to the blockchain. Having a Metamask account associated with your use of the TruSet application – and the resulting reward amounts – will allow TruSet to directly send any ETH earnings to participants.

Can I see the validated data if I am not participating in the competitions?

At some point during the Beta competitions TruSet will enable guests to access the application directly to see the community validated dataset. Guest access may not be enabled at the launch of the Beta, but if you are interested in seeing the dataset before this is enabled, you can either register for the Token Beta or contact

What is the best way to stay up to speed on what TruSet is doing?

Follow us on Twitter for updates, join the conversation on TruSet’s Slack, and join our Telegram group.


Where can I find the rules for the current competition?

You can find the current competition descriptions on the TruSet Beta webpage or from the top navigation bar in the TruSet application, under the drop-down menu from the Help icon (“?”) in the upper right.

How long will it take to receive the ETH rewards I earn?

We will be sending the winning rewards shortly after each competition ends. You will be able to track the account where the ETH is held to see the total exact ETH value that will be split by each earning participant. The link to the Trustology account with the Competition 1 prize pool is here.

How will I receive my rewards?

Participants who earn ETH in the competitions will be sent their portion of the prize pool directly to the Metamask account they use to participate in the TruSet Beta.

How do I earn TRU in the competitions?

Each competition may have distinct values for how to earn TRU based on participants’ contributions. In competition 1, users can earn TRU by reviewing or publishing token data on the initial list of well-known tokens.

Review a token data proposal:

  • Review each data proposal for accuracy and determine if it should be approved (it is accurate) or rejected (it is inaccurate).

  • Cast a review vote - each review vote will cost the participant a 2 TRU deposit (you can only vote once per proposal and you can not vote on a proposal you’ve authored).

  • Once the voting period has closed, if you are correct (meaning you voted the same way as the consensus of reviewers) you will split a 10 TRU reward pool between you and all other correct reviewers. If you are incorrect (meaning you voted the opposite way as the consensus of reviewers) you will lose your deposit.

  • If a different, competing proposal is accepted over this proposal, but this proposal has not been determined inaccurate by reviewers (not enough reviewers voted to reject), your 2 TRU deposit will be returned, but you will not earn additional TRU.

Author and publish a token data proposal:

  • Author a new data proposal when there is missing, incomplete, or inaccurate data for a token.

  • After you input information into a token data proposal, it will cost you a 10 TRU deposit to publish the proposal.

  • After being published, the proposal will be reviewed and voted on by the community.

  • If the proposal is accepted, your 10 TRU deposit will be returned along with a 10 TRU reward.

  • If the proposal is rejected, you will lose your 10 TRU deposit and will not earn any reward.

  • If another competing proposal is accepted in place of your proposal, but your proposal has not been determined inaccurate by reviewers, you will receive your deposit back.


Something is not working properly. How do I get support?

Click the “feedback and support” link at the bottom of the page and input your issue. Alternatively, you can email us at

Where can I find the descriptions to each field in the token data proposals?

I have ideas for how to improve TruSet’s application. How do I give feedback?

Click the “feedback and support” link at the bottom of the page and input your issue. Alternatively, you can email us at or post the feedback or suggestion in the TruSet Beta Slack channel for the rest of the community to discuss.

I am interested in testing use of TruSet’s token data (in an application or service). How could I do this?

TruSet has a public REST API – an interface for querying instruments and their proposed data sets from the TruSet Beta community – that can be used for testing purposes but is not ready for commercial use. You can find documentation for this here. For further questions on how to use the TruSet API, please contact Alternatively, the Beta community will be voting to validate data and this data from the “Validated Data” page in the application can also be used for testing purposes.

I want to publish information on a token that is not listed in the application. How do I submit this?

Click the “feedback and support” link at the bottom of the page or email and input your request for a specific token / project to be listed. Once the token is added into the system, participants will be able to publish their own token data proposals that will then be reviewed by the TruSet Beta community.