Trusted token data for the Web3 ecosystem

Join the TruSet community and earn rewards by creating accurate token data for Web3.

We’re running a Token Data Beta to test-drive our platform and help the community work together, earn rewards, and establish a foundational dataset for Web3. Beta community members will participate in staged competitions and have a chance to earn shares of over $20,000 worth of prizes. The prize pool for for each competition will be in ETH, which will be distributed to the Beta participants who accumulate a net positive amount of TRU tokens during the competition period.

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Earn points to win

Beta participants earn TRU tokens by publishing new content or validating others’ token data proposals.

Over $20,000 in prizes

Beta community members will participate in staged competitions. Each competition will include a prize pool in ETH which will be distributed to Beta participants who have earned the most TRU tokens.

Create a trusted token data set

Work with the community to publish, validate, and consume accurate reference data for the ecosystem’s top token projects.

Competition 16

July 11th - July 25th

Prize pool
Earn $1 USD for every 1 TRU token earned (paid in ETH)

Competition 16 is now live!
Competition 13 runs from Thursday May 30 until Thursday June 13.

Like in Comp 15, you will earn $1 USD for every net 1 TRU token you earn during the competition period. This will incentivize more work being done on the platform - instead of more work splitting a fixed prize pool more ways, more work will result in more value being earned. This helps move our reward model closer to how we believe our production system will work.

Prizes will be calculated in USD, but paid out in ETH, based on the ETH-USD exchange rate at 10am eastern time the day the competition closes. Comp 16 rewards will be capped at $3,000.

For Competition 16, you will still earn TRU tokens for successfully publishing and validating. We are looking for you to both publish the original section proposals and validate your peers’ proposals during this competition. At the end of Competition 16, we will calculate the net tokens earned from the close of Competition 15 until the close of Competition 16. Your reward will be calculated based on your net tokens earned during this period. Votes will close after a minimum of 36 hours from publication and a minimum of 5 votes.

TRU Balance
Participants start Competition 16 at the same TRU token balance as they exited Competition 15.

New Beta signups will be given a starting balance of 50 TRU.

How to earn TRU tokens
Beta participants can earn TRU tokens by both voting on and authoring token data proposals. Voting on a token data proposal requires a TRU deposit. The earning potential varies by how challenging the section was to validate. Voters receive rewards if their vote is with the majority consensus of voters, in either approving or rejecting a proposal. Authoring and publishing a token data proposal requires a TRU deposit. Successful publications earn TRU reward, with the amount also variable by how challenging the section was to publish. Rewards are paid out if the proposal is approved by a consensus of voters.

For details about the sections and fields, see our updated Template Definitions document.

Comp 16 Staking.png

Prize pools and payout
The rewards will be sent directly to participants' MetaMask accounts after the competition.

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