Trusted token data for the Web3 ecosystem

Join the TruSet community and earn rewards by creating accurate token data for Web3.

Blockchain tokens have arrived. Now it’s time for the Web3 ecosystem to build a quality source of reference data around tokens so the community can better evaluate token projects, safely manage token-based portfolios, and fully understand how tokens work in the dApps we use. We’re running a Token Data Beta to test drive our platform and help the community work together, earn rewards, and establish a foundational dataset for Web3.

Early registration open now – Beta launches in November

Earn points to win

Beta participants earn TRU tokens by publishing new content or validating others’ token data proposals.

Over $20,000 in prizes

Beta community members will participate in staged competitions. The prize pool for the first competition will be $5,000 worth of ETH, which will be distributed to Beta participants who have earned the most TRU tokens.

Create a trusted token data set

Work with the community to publish, validate, and consume accurate reference data for the ecosystem’s top token projects.


Get familiar with the TruSet Beta token reference data format and definitions: here

Technical users can view our logical data model mappings: here