The TruSet Real Estate Data Platform

TruSet and imbrex have partnered to create a real estate data service. The TruSet platform enables the real estate ecosystem to self-organize to create and validate critical information needed by the industry.

The first real estate data service on TruSet is a repository of the best-of-breed Purchase and Sales Agreement for each of the 50 U.S. states, along with information about the relevant state government real estate agencies.

TruSet Real Estate community members can publish new and updated information as proposals on the TruSet Real Estate platform. Other community members will validate the accuracy of each proposal. The accepted, validated data is then made available to the whole real estate ecosystem as trusted, accurate "golden records" of information.

Our Real Estate Data Community

The TruSet Real Estate data community’s mission is to publish and validate actual real estate information available from various public sources. With each successful publication or validation, you will earn TruSet tokens (XTRU).

To get started, you need to onboard to the TruSet Real Estate dApp.

For more details, see our How To Guide.

Rules and Rewards

TruSet has created a rewards based game for participants to collect and validate real estate data. We incentivize participation and maintain quality by setting up a game of staking and rewards using the TruSet XTRU token on the xDai side chain. The goal is to earn XTRU tokens by successfully publishing and accurately validating real estate data records.

You can earn TruSet XTRU tokens in two ways:

  1. Publish a new or updated proposal that is validated as accurate by the TruSet community. Only accepted proposals earn tokens.

  2. Be on the winning side of a Validation vote (either “Accept” or “Reject”) of another participant’s published proposal

As part of the onboarding process, TruSet will send you 20 XTRU tokens. You can use these tokens to start staking against your publishing and validating activity.

Staking and Rewards v2.png

Over time, TruSet may change the Staking and Rewards levels

As you successfully publish and validate on the TruSet Real Estate dApp, you will earn XTRU tokens. These tokens can be used as stakes for publishing and validating activity. At any time after receiving XTRU token rewards, you can redeem those tokens for XDAI tokens. XDAI tokens can be converted to DAI tokens on the Ethereum mainnet. DAI is a US Dollar pegged stable token, which can be exchanged for ETH or other cryptotokens. We programmatically require users to keep a minimum of 20 XTRU tokens so you cannot cash out the XTRU tokens you were given when onboarding.