TruSet Beta Competition 8 Results and Comp 9 Kick Off

TruSet Beta Competition 8 completed on Thursday April 4. Competition 9 kicked off the same day and will run until Thursday April 18.

Our community was very active over the past two weeks with record levels of voting and validation of token data records.

  • 1,594 total votes during Comp 8, a 28% increase over Comp 7

  • 249 token record sections were validated by our community during Comp 8, a 28% increase over Comp 7

  • We now have validated token data on 162 of the top tokens by market cap

We are changing how rewards are calculated and paid out. Starting in Competition 9, earning 1 TRU will be worth $1 USD worth of ETH. See below for details.

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Competition 8 Results

As of the close of Comp 8 at April 4 at 10am EST

Comp 8 Results.png

Competition 9 Rules

Comp 9 will run from April 4 - 18. Comp 9 has the same staking and rewards levels as Comp 8.

We are changing the prize pool payout model starting with Comp 9. Instead of a fixed ETH prize pool, we will pay out a fixed TRU - USD value. You will earn $1 USD for every net 1 TRU token you earn during the competition period. This will incentivize more work being done on the platform - instead of more work splitting a fixed prize pool more ways, more work will result in more value being earned. This helps move our reward model closer to how we believe our production system will work.

Prizes will be calculated in USD, but paid out in ETH, based on the ETH-USD exchange rate at 10am eastern time the day the competition closes.

We will cap the Comp 9 payouts at $3,000.

Comp 9 Staking.png

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