TruSet Beta Comp 6 Results and Comp 7 Kick Off

TruSet Beta Competition 6 wrapped up on Thursday March 7. Competition 7 kicked off on March 7 with a 14 ETH prize pool. Competition 7 will run to March 21.

We saw a good uptick in activity the last two weeks. We kept the total number of tokens at 150. Our Beta community responded by making significant progress publishing and validating new Project Details, Legal Entities and Token Features sections, making our data on the top 150 tokens much more complete. Thank you to our Beta community for continuing to create the most accurate and trusted token reference data service on TruSet.

Sections Chart 2019-03-07.png

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Competition 6 Results

As of close of Comp 6 at March 7 at 10am EST

Comp 6 Results.png

Competition 7 Rules

Comp 7 has a prize pool of 14 ETH and will run from Feb 21 - Mar 7.

For Comp 7, we we are keeping the staking and rewards levels from Comp 6. We will start adding additional new tokens. That said, keep up the good work completing the Project Details, Legal Entities and Token Features sections. There is still a lot of opportunity to be the first publisher of those sections for many tokens on the platform today.

Comp 7 Staking.png

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