Beta Competition 6 Kick Off

TruSet Beta community - thank you for your patience the past two weeks. Over the past two weeks, we have made some changes and improvements to the Beta. Today, we are kicking off Competition 6 to run through March 7. The prize pool for Comp 6 is 14 ETH. We will include all work done since the close of Comp 5 on Feb 7 in the Comp 6 prize pool allocation.

We are up to 150 tokens on the TruSet platform. The goals for Comp 6 are to continue to publish and validate information. We will load additional tokens in the next two weeks, but we would like the TruSet Beta community to focus on publishing the missing sections - particularly for Project Details and Token Features.

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Some Exciting Changes to the TruSet Beta!

The TruSet team has used the past few weeks to make some important changes to the TruSet dApp. Thanks to the great feedback we’ve been getting from our community, TruSet has made publishing and validating easier.

If you haven’t visited the dApp recently, now is a good time to take a look and earn some ETH by contributing to the data set.

New Data Proposals View

  • Easily scan through the token list to identify publishing opportunities

  • Focus on the Data Category sections that mean the most to you

New Proposal View.png

New Voting View

  • Filter by Token or Data Category to target your validating activity

  • Sort by Vote Progress to highlight proposals that are close to closing

  • See the potential reward for each proposal validation

New Voting View.png

Competition 6 Rules

Comp 6 has a prize pool of 14 ETH and will run from Feb 21 - Mar 7.

For Comp 6, we have ratcheted down the staking and reward costs in TRU. The ratios are still the same, so this should not change your expected payout in ETH. We would like our community to focus in Comp 6 on publishing missing Project Details and Token Features sections.  

Comp 6 Staking.png

If you would like to sign up for out Beta and earn ETH prizes click here.

If you're having any trouble onboarding or have other questions, please email us at

William Janensch