TruSet Beta Comp 4 Results and Comp 5 Kick Off

TruSet ran a special one week Competition 4 funded by Gnosis to incentive our community to publish and validate the data needed by exchanges for compliance purposes. Thank you to all our Beta users for helping curate this important compliance data..

Major Updates for Comp 4

  • Gnosis funded the 15 ETH prize pool for Comp 4

  • 131 tokens with community published and validated reference data.

  • 85% of the tokens now have validated Brooklyn Project Taxonomy classifications

  • 21% of the token now have validated Token Features & Usability information

  • 22 Beta users earned a share of the 15 ETH Comp 4 prize pool

Comp4 Section Chart.png

For details about the new sections and fields, see our updated Template Definitions document.

Competition 5 started on Thursday January 24 at 10am EST. This two week competition has a 14 ETH prize pool. Comp 4 ends on February 7.

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Competition 4 Results

As of close of Comp 4 at January 24 at 10am EST

Comp 4 Metrics.png

Progress on publishing and validating by section

Comp 4 Sections Report.png

Competition 5 Kick Off

We are back to a 2 week competition with a prize pool of 14 ETH. Comp 5 will run from Jan 24 - Feb 7.

For the beginning of Comp 5, we will slow down the number of new tokens added to the platform so that our community can focus on filling in the missing sections for the current set of tokens. We would particularly like to see more progress on the Token Features & Usability section, so that has the highest rewards for publishing and validating.

Comp 5 Staking.png

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