Competition 2 Midpoint Update

The second competition in TruSet’s Token Data Beta has been active for one week! Thank you to all our Beta users for helping test our product and generate high-quality token reference data records. We have 69 Beta users onboarded to TruSet and earning TRU tokens for their participation.

Competition 2 prizes will be based on the net TRU tokens earned from the close of Comp 1 to the close of Comp 2 on January 3. Everyone started Comp 2 on an even playing field. Competition 2 runs from December 20 - January 3.

Don't forget the increased rewards in Comp 2 for the Project Details, Legal Entities, and Listings sections!

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15 TruSet Beta users have a net positive balance of TRU tokens for Competition 2, meaning they have successfully published and/or validated token reference data records.

Competition 2 ends January 3. All Beta users with a net positive number of TRU tokens earned during the competition period will earn a share of the 10 ETH prize pool.

Competition 2 Week 1 Metrics

As of December 27, 2018 at 9am EST.

comp2week1 leaderboard.png

Thanks to our Beta users, the TruSet platform now has validated reference data for 45 tokens.

comp2week1 metrics.png

Keep up the good work and earn those ETH prizes!

If you're having any trouble onboarding or have other questions, please email us at

William Janensch