TruSet's Will Janensch Chapter Author in New Blockchain in Financial Markets Book

In Blockchain in Financial Markets and Beyond: Challenges and Applications, editor Ron Quaranta, Chairman of the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance, has assembled a team of expert authors who teach the reader how best to utilise blockchain technology in the financial markets.

Authors examine such subjects as: what blockchain is, where it came from and where it is likely to go; how to get your company ready for blockchain; what are the challenges regarding regulation and oversight in addition to issues of privacy; and what solutions to current problems blockchain may offer and how it can be utilised to ensure banks do not get left behind or rendered redundant by this increasingly significant technology.

Chapters include:

  • Privacy, Confidentiality, and Identity, by Rouven Heck (ConsenSys) and Steve Ehrlich (Spitsberg Partners Ltd)
  • The Humanitarian Space and Business Opportunity of Blockchain, by Ashish Gadnis (BanQu Inc) and Vincent Molinaru (Ouisa Capital, LLC)
  • Blockchain Use Cases: Reference Data, by Will Janensch (TruSet)
  • The Regulation of Blockchain Technology, by James Jalil (Thompson Hine) and Jonathan Edwards (Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy LLP)
  • Taking Stock and What We’ve Learned: Promises and Limitations of Blockchain, by Joyce J. Shen (Emerging Technologies)

Blockchain in Financial Markets and Beyond: Challenges and Applications takes the reader beyond cryptocurrency and smart contracts to demonstrate exactly how and why this technology is so revolutionary and disruptive.

William Janensch