TruSet is a community-based approach for collecting, validating, and sharing critical reference data.

The foundation of trusted, accurate data.

TruSet builds communities on the Ethereum blockchain, enabling participants to collect, validate, and share business-critical reference data.


The TruSet Solution

TruSet is creating n-sided marketplaces for users to collect, validate, publish, and commercialize business-critical data without the intervention of vendors or service providers.

As a community-operated resource, TruSet can better ensure quality and accuracy because validators of the data are actual market participants. By creating a foundational layer of trusted and machine-readable reference data, the TruSet community will establish a new, primary source of truth for industry ecosystems and create opportunities for innovation and efficiency in global markets.


The TruSet community participates in each marketplace through one or more of the following activities:

TruSet is helping users create a golden record of critical reference data.


Reference data is cryptographically embedded on the Ethereum blockchain. Users can trust that the data they’re using is consistent across the entire marketplace.



Data is validated by actual market participants, so you can trust it. TruSet has full audit capability so users can see the state of the data, track changes over time, and work together to identify errors.



TruSet’s consensus mechanism reduces the back office spend by enabling users to manage data as a community. Once data is validated, it’s available immediately, so users can settle and service their assets.



TruSet rewards contributors for publishing and validating data for the community.


TruSet Marketplaces

Trusted, accurate data is the foundation for all investment, consumer, trading, and portfolio management activity, for both the traditional finance industry and emerging token markets. TruSet is using blockchain technology to rethink how these information intensive industries collect and maintain the data that users need to execute business, evaluate products, manage assets, and unlock value.


Traditional Financial Assets

This TruSet marketplace will generate accurate, trusted, fixed income security master reference data (e.g. the terms and conditions of bonds) that is shared across the financial services ecosystem. Community members will include global and regional banks, custodian banks, asset managers, hedge funds, and fintechs.



The blockchain ecosystem needs accurate data to power its increasingly sophisticated dApps, software systems, and protocols. The TruSet marketplace for token data is an enterprise platform to crowdsource the collection and validation of trusted data.


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